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"Not a Design Company" is not just a design company, it's a dynamic web development agency located in Brescia, Italy. Our main objective is to provide top-notch websites to our clients. We don't simply craft websites; we establish a robust connection with your business. Not a Design Company assists you throughout the entire website development process, starting from conceptualization to ongoing monthly maintenance. Additionally, we aid in the expansion of your business by implementing an advanced promotional strategy centered around social media. All of these services are offered at budget-friendly rates that are below the industry average.

Not a Design Company distinguishes itself through its commitment to delivering top-tier websites of exceptional quality. As a young and dynamic agency, we possess a fresh perspective and cutting-edge technical expertise that are indispensable in the modern digital landscape. Your company stands to gain a website that not only meets industry standards but also pushes the boundaries of innovation, setting you apart from competitors.

Selecting Not a Design Company for your web development requirements translates into more than just acquiring a website—it signifies forging a robust partnership. The agency's holistic approach entails comprehensive support throughout the entire website creation process. From conceptualizing the initial idea to meticulously realizing it, Not a Design Company remains dedicated to actualizing your vision. This commitment to collaboration ensures that your website isn't merely a product but a reflection of your business's essence and aspirations.

What truly sets Not a Design Company apart is its steadfast involvement even after your website goes live. Monthly maintenance is an integral part of their service, guaranteeing that your online presence remains seamless, secure, and up-to-date. This level of ongoing attention underscores their dedication to nurturing long-term relationships and sustaining the digital success of your business.

However, the benefits extend beyond technical proficiency and support. Not a Design Company boasts an innovative promotion strategy centered around leveraging the power of social media. In the current landscape, a strong social media presence is imperative for business growth, brand recognition, and customer engagement. By capitalizing on this avenue, the agency propels your business forward, connecting you with your target audience on platforms where they are most active.

It's essential to note that Not a Design Company is committed to offering all these exceptional services at rates that defy industry norms. Our pricing structure is tailored to be affordable, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can access high-quality web development without straining their financial resources. By choosing Not a Design Company, you are investing wisely in your business's digital future, securing a remarkable website and comprehensive support, all while staying within budget.

Our prices are meticulously tailored to individual needs and are subject to initial consultations with the client.
Basic projects, like a standard landing page, could start at just $1500. For more intricate dynamic websites demanding an intensive promotional strategy, prices can extend to $20000.
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